RSSManager is a J2ME application that allows to read last news on your mobile phone from your preferred site, simple and directly, support RSS/RDF and Atom format.
You can categorize RSS feed and send email with news detail to your friends.

Minimum requirement: MIDP 2.0

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RSS (RDF Site Summary) is used to provide items containing short descriptions of web content together with a link to the full version of the content. This information is delivered as an XML file called RSS feed, RSS stream, or RSS channel.

Main Features:

  • Top 10 Rss: View top ten Rss feed readed.
  • Insert: Enables to create a new Rss feed, specifying title, link and category.
  • Modify: Modify selected Rss feed detail.
  • Delete: Delete selected Rss feed.
  • View: View in summary downloaded Rss feed.
  • Categories: Manage (Insert/Modify/Delete) your categories.
  • Email: Enables to send an email with Rss title, Rss description and Rss link.