CamFrame – Stream Your Face 1.0.0 is Here!

CamFrame – Stream Your Face

CamFrame allows you to effortlessly stream your face or photos. Perfect for tutorials and presentations. Enhance your content creation experience now! 

Forget about expensive tools and monthly subscriptions: with CamFrame, you have everything you need for video streaming without breaking the bank.

Use QuickTime for free, available on every Mac, to record your screen and then customize the frame with CamFrame for a unique look.

With CamFrame, you have the power to stream yourself directly from your webcam, beautifully framed within customizable shapes like circles, squares, rectangles, ellipses, capsules, and even magnified up to 4 times. Plus, you can mirror your image for the perfect presentation.ersion

With CamFrame you can:

  • Frame yourself within customizable shapes for a professional streaming or recording look (Circle, Square, Rectangle, Capsule, Capsule, Capsule Portrait and Uneven Square)
  • Showcase a photo or brand logo alongside your stream.
  • Magnify your stream up to 4 times for added impact.
  • Mirror your image for flawless presentations.
  • Decide whether CamFrame appears or not in multiple spaces.
  • No subscription fees or annoying limitations.