Convert Text Pro – Format Text every Case is here

Convert Text - Text Case

Convert Text allows you to convert any text to the most popular formats. Paste text and copy the transformation that suits your needs.

Convert Text - Text Case

• No ads, paste text and copy the transformation.

• No delay or waiting, just write and choose the text that suits your needs

• No manual to read, simple and intuitive user interface.

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With Convert Text Pro you can:

  • Convert into Common formats like Title Case, Upper Case, Lower Case, Alternate Case, Capitalise Case, Capitalise Words Case and Reverse Case.
  • Convert into Clean formats like Trim White Space Case, Strip White Space Case and Strip Html Case.
  • Encode and Decode into HTML format.
  • Encode and Decode text to URL formatting.
  • Encode and Decode any text to and from Base64 encoding.
  • Convert into Developers formats like Pascal Case, Camel Case, Snack case and Kebab Case.
  • Convert into Others formats like Hashtags Case, UpsideDown Case and Clap Case.
  • Use Share Action Extension to copy any text from your favorite browser or note app and apply the transformations on the fly.
  • Apply your favorite Light or Black Theme.

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