How to count number of characters, words and sentences using Convert Text

There are many professionals who need to know statistics numbers for a documento or a post, such as the number of characters, words, sentences, etc.

Convert Text - Text Case

Convert Text for iOS and Android allows you to simply count the written or pasted text.


Convert Text - Text Case

These are just some of the features you can find using Convert Text:

  • Calculate time in a simple and accurate way.
  • Count words, letters, text length and sentence.
  • Convert into Common formats like Title Case, Upper Case, Lower Case, Alternate Case, Capitalise Case, Capitalise Words Case and Reverse Case.
  • Convert into Clean formats like Trim White Space Case, Strip White Space Case and Strip Html Case.
  • Encode and Decode into HTML, URL and Base64 format.
  • Convert into Developers formats like Pascal Case, Camel Case, Snack case and Others Cases.
  • Use Share Action to copy any text from your favorite browser or note app and apply the transformations on the fly.

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